Danika turned to yoga after retiring as a competitive gymnast and soccer player. First drawn to the physical aspects, she used asanas to maintain her strength and flexibility. Now, she continues to deepen both her physical and mental practice everyday. After completing her YTT program and obtaining a degree in kinesiology from Brock University, Danika has continued her ongoing education through continuous workshops and conferences.

You will find Danika teaching in elementary schools by day (DSBN), and teaching a variety of yoga classes in the evening, and on weekends.

During these classes, she focuses on alignment and anatomy while targeting the whole body. While flexibility is important, Danika ensures that strength is built within that range of motion to prevent susceptibility to injury. You will leave class feeling strong, open, and light.

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Holly has been instructing Yoga for just over 6 years, with experience in Hatha and Vinyasa style Yoga.  Her interests lie in alignment based practice, connecting mind, body and soul.  Her focus is on aiding students in developing a deep connection and understanding of their bodies.  Forever a student, Holly is constantly striving to learn more in the field of Yoga.



Brittany has completed her 500 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training at Yogaspace, Toronto. Specific areas of study she pursued included Therapeutic Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Flow Yoga, Advanced Hatha, Pre-Natal, and Adapting Asana for People with Limited Mobility. After completing both of the 200 and 300 hour programs Brittany feels she has only just begun one of the greatest journeys of her life…

Having studied closely with Kathryn Beet, Patricia White and Hali Schwartz, Brittany has developed a style of teaching that respects the individuality of each practitioner regarding flexibility, alignment, breathing patterns and mental state of mind. With interests in all styles of yoga, the therapeutic aspects, take the fore-front in each of her classes. She places permanence on the direction of breath and surrender in every pose. Allowing students ample opportunity to release tension and holding in body and mind…

Brittany’s main passion lies in re-connecting her students body and mind awareness through the direction of breath and physical surrender or “letting go”. She believes this encourages people to experience themselves as a whole, breathing, healthy body. People can expect to leave her class feeling centred, at ease, and with a heart uplifted.



“Moulding the light and dark within herself into art and beauty.”

Meg was immediately attracted to the electric, raw beauty of yoga and this has formed a lifelong learning adventure. She is ever developing and expanding her yoga learning every chance she gets.

Her teachings bring together the essence and structure of yoga. Proper alignment enravelled  with breath brings with it the ability to dive deep into body, emotion and mind to heal and grow.

Your mat is where you are perfect exactly as you are in that moment. Come and play!



Sophie has been in the practice of yoga for the last five years and recently graduated from Lululemon MindfulOn YLTT 200hr in 2018. She has an incredible connection to mindful living and practicing yoga on and off the mat. Sophie is on a path of accelerated personal growth and connects to the healing benefits of the practice. Sharing her passion through teaching to be a guide for those along their journey to self discovery. Students will experience a soulful class, with Sophie's light energy to support them through their practice.