PRICES: $15 drop in, $100 10 class pass, ask about memberships!

A class where stillness and meditation is encouraged in a room with dimmed lights, candles, and soothing music. Moving through roughly 5 asanas, postures are  held for longer periods of time allowing you to find complete relaxation. Asanas are supported by props (blankets, bolsters, blocks, and eye/hand/abdomen pillows) provided by the studio supporting  you into a calm, balanced space. Aromatherapy and hands on assists will also  support wellbeing in each pose. 

In a Hatha class focus is directed on alignment and pranayama. "Ha" meaning 'sun' and "tha" meaning 'moon,' these classes are designed to find balance between the mind, body, and soul. During asanas, each inhale allows us to breathe in strength, and each exhale allows the release of any holding in order to find ease.

These classes are designed to be a gentle flow. Flowing mindfully from one asana to another, the stillness in each posture allows awareness to be brought to alignment, and pranayama (breath). A sense of calmness, openness, and rejuvenation is achieved in this class. 

Flow classes are dynamic yoga practices where each movement is connected to the breath. Also known as Vinyasa, these classes include sun salutations, strengthening exercises, pranayama and more. In Sanskrit, Vinyasa means, "to place in a special way," and therefore there is emphasis on flowing smoothly and purposefully from pose to pose, matching transitions with inhales and exhales. It is recommended you have some familiarity with yoga postures as we move more quickly here than in other classes. If you are looking for a sweat, these classes are for you!

MOM AND BABY YOGA                                                                                                                                                                               A class designed to strengthen the bond between you and your child. This class, beginning and ending with  emphasis on personal self care and well being, allows you to move through a yoga practice with your baby. It focusses on embodying a practice that gives both mother and baby the benefits of yoga. Please see a further description under our Workshop page.